Nanobot Medical Animation Studio was established in 2007 with the goal of developing highly innovative, digital graphics to depict actual and conceptual technologies via the synergistic fusion of art and science.

The still nascent, yet prospectively powerful discipline of nanotechnology is poised to radically transform medicine, engineering, biotechnology, electronics and a myriad of other sectors in the relative near-term. Hence, visionary artistic renderings that portray various aspects of this exciting nanofuture will be beneficial in facilitating a clear understanding of its fundamental concepts to a broad demographic.

Nanobot generates imaginative and engaging state-of-the-art nanotechnology and nanomedical illustrations and animations. Our experts in image design do only what gives customized attention, so what you get, is not just a pretty picture, but an animation that expresses the specifics of your product or service.

We are a professional medical animation design company whose team has a long history of experience in the creation of latter-day colorful photo-realistic animated or static images. We are customer friendly and flexible, and reliable at the same time, enthusiastic about the work and realistic about deadlines and calculations. We are focused on bringing fundamental concepts to our target audience, and can enrich our clients’ solutions with up-to-date presentation materials.

With our strong problem-solving skills and independent self-direction, combined with exceptional abilities in team collaboration and effective communication, we can proceed with the successful design strategy from concept to completion.
We are making hi-end nanotechnology and nanomedicine illustration and animation in order to express the specifics of your product or service. You can imagine any interesting animation, illustration or presentation materials that you’ll be interested in, and we can make it real for you.
Any prototypical component, device, system or far flung concept that might be conceived of can be translated into captivating and colorful photorealistic animated or static renderings and presentation materials…. We bring them all to life!