Augmented reality adds haptic feedback, sounds, graphics to the natural world. Since augmented reality can be used on all screens and connected devices, the development of the concept is strongly driven by cell phones.
Since AR includes the unification of real and virtual worlds, it could be accepted as a private subclass of VR technologies, which nowadays is extremely popular and on-demand in the field of art and entertainment. Nevertheless, AR has found its place in business and education in the form of interactive product content management and simulation-based learning respectively.
Everyone heard about Pokémon Go, so if you are aware of the hype around it you can easily imagine, how trendy AR development could only be when combined with the brilliant marketing strategy, and medical marketing strategy is not an exception.

AR serious gaming as a key to brand recognition

Maintenance of tasks performed by technicians in health facilities could become much more comfortable with the AR visual set of instructions that just have to be installed on one’s cellphone. The AR kind of labelling can simplify the research process in medical labs and to cut down the number of personnel duty calls as well, not to mention that the access to this labelling information would belong to the limited amount of users that cuts security costs.
Speaking of the implementation of augmented reality in medical marketing we can’t mention that the AR user experience can create the shortest way to the brand recognition ever. Just imagine the opportunities offered by the branding of a serious gaming AR app, not to mention this is a perfect tool for viral marketing if you are up to such kind of promotion. People like games and appear to be involved in such activity easily showing slight resistance to this kind of message, and AR makes this message exceptionally stylish.

Giving your customers a QR Code business card that tells your company story with the help of the app that they can install it for free, and watch the feedback. It creates a networking chain of your contacts and share company values. As simple as that; then you can offer your acquaintances a special reward each time they bring you a new lead, and such an AR app will manage rest of the calculation. Be the first to exchange such a reward for your brand recognition, and become world-famous in the blink of an eye.