Fulldome visualization is a technology based on projecting an image onto a spherical screen with a 360 degree view. Modern fulldome shows come from planetariums using a mechanical projector to demonstrate the motion of celestial bodies in the night sky. Digital projection systems are divided into mono and multi-projectors, creating an equally clear and high-quality image all over the dome. Spherical cinema has a great potential in creating the effect of immersion in virtual reality, allowing you to make an impressive journey through space or within the human body, as well as immerse yourself in a different historical era or even the human psyche.

In particular, the possibility of spherical visualization is demonstrated by the fulldome film Sound and Visuals for Panic Attacks, which, according to the author, thanks to sound and visual effects, conveys a person’s sensations during the attack itself.
The technology of fulldome visualization is successfully used for educational and entertainment purposes. Its main advantage is created by the ability to simultaneously reach a large audience. Portable projection systems allow broadcasting fulldome content to the target audience at conferences, symposiums, festivals and various congresses of professionals in the field of biomedicine.

The effect of immersion in a virtual environment

The application of spherical imaging in medicine and pharmacy is an impressive and effective way to provide information that is relevant to the mechanisms of action of the drug, the methods of treatment and physiological processes, particularly at the molecular level. That’s why the technology of spherical cinema becomes increasingly popular all over the world.

Its fundamental characteristic is so-called “immersion”, which means the ability to create the effect of immersion in a virtual environment. Therefore, the decision to provide information about the product in the format of a spherical video is strategically correct and evokes a strong emotional response from the target audience.

The main characteristic of full-dome (spherical) visualization technology is the so-called “immersion”, which makes it possible to create a feeling of complete presence in a virtual environment. Thanks to this, the viewer can make an exciting journey inside the human body: vessels, tissues and cells, observe molecular interactions, physiological processes and even penetrate the human psyche.

The ability to reach a large audience simultaneously refers to the undoubted advantages of full-dome shows and creates the opportunity to make an unforgettable impression on the target audience and submit information in an entertaining and original form.