Visibility, spectator value, and the unlimited possibilities

These three characteristics most closely describe what Microsoft HoloLens technology is all about. If you work in pharmaceutics, science or medicine, one way or another you will have already encountered a virtual reality. We want to draw your attention to our developments in the realm of mixed reality.

Do not confuse these two concepts, although it probably can’t be helped: for a long time mixed reality was developed as a part of virtual reality until it obtained an alternative and competition in the market of technical opportunities.
What is the uniqueness of mixed reality in general and HoloLens medical apps in particular?

“Surgical” accuracy in comparison with other possibilities

In the Brazilian Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia de Jaraguá do Sul, glasses of mixed reality are used to simplify the tasks facing the spinal surgeon. Visualization of a predetermined trajectory of screw placement for fixation of the spine makes it more accurate to place them in the process of spine arthrodesis and, as a result, facilitates deformation correction processes, treatment of fractures and bone cancer.
Due to the fact that the introduction of implants can cause serious complications of the corresponding procedures, for example, nerve damage and weakening of the implant, the ability of HoloLens to lower the risks for such medical issues is rather difficult to overestimate.

Visibility facilitates a deeper understanding

Developed by specialists from Berlin in the form of a platform, holographic navigation ensured the success of HoloLens medical usability in the field of minimally invasive operations in general and spinal surgery in particular. This gave impetus to developments in the field of determining the exact location of tumors using glasses of mixed reality. In addition, the detailed medical data available through this technology allows the tumor to be treated with an effective and timely method.

As a result of freedom from the two-dimensional plane of the monitor, a fundamentally new approach to the HoloLens medical usage includes an ultrasonic simulator of mixed reality. Thanks to the efforts of French developers that is exactly how HoloLens show an anatomical model that can be enlarged, rotated or correlated with the patient’s body on the operating table to see the interconnection of all structures.

Are you a trend trader?

At this stage, developers are working on the implementation of glasses of mixed reality in the field of eye surgery. The described advantages of HoloLens medical technologies were evaluated not only in Brazil, France, Germany and the USA but in Norway and Japan as well. We also work amongst a few developers in this direction.

Our team is always ready for cooperation: whether it is a mixed or virtual reality, medical illustration or animation we are always in step with the times and open to new projects. However, we would prevaricate, if we did not mention that our developers are on their mettle when it comes to HoloLens.