Though the first medical illustrations can be found in caves, some pharmaceutical companies, scientific institutions and healthcare facilities still skip such a powerful instrument of visualization. Of course, nowadays they can widely use animated images, interactive applications, fulldome projection, virtual and mixed reality to maintain the same goals, but don’t forget that one picture is worth a 1000 words, and that sometimes enough is as good as a feast.

Develop trust in your product

With the help of medical illustration, you can deliver an idea of the active mechanism of specific prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily spread such information through websites dedicated to standalone medications, but, please, note that such a medical illustration does not usually display cellular structures precisely, since simplification of the interaction between cells and drug molecules visualization meets the expectations of the target audience more often. You should also point out that explanation of the origin of a disease can aid your medical illustration, since such a background facilitates understanding of the whole process – from the onset of illness – to recovery and – what is more important – every viewer would develop trust in your product upon being fully informed.

Benefit from the set of medical illustrations

Of course, if the amount of information that you would like to bring to your audience is huge, the set of medical illustrations would be even clearer than one. That probably explains why The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations and The CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations are extremely popular nowadays despite the development of alternative ways of medical visualization that were mentioned previously.
Anyway, whether you need to explain pharmaceutical mechanisms or surgical procedures in a simple way, understandable to the layman, rendering such a topic with the usage of 3D computer graphics can bring you rapid success while at the same time cutting losses. A banner, a product presentation or a book illustration – we can handle any such task.