Medical Marketing

As you probably know, these days innovative medical marketing approach draws attention away from traditional marketing theories. We appreciate our customers’ unique experience in the fields of pharmaceutics and medicine promotion. Whether it is medical internet or digital marketing or media marketing (including social media marketing) we are truly on the same page with you. When it comes to our customers, it is quite usual for them to give us tasks that needed to be done yesterday. We have no time machine, but we are ready to be fast enough to satisfy your demand as soon as possible and we are faster than our competitors.

Medical devices & marketing

The explanation of surgical procedure or medical treatment is one of the most required challenges among medical animation studios, since the clip becomes more credible, the more specific details you use. However, enough is as good as a feast: please, keep in mind that an excessively detailed clip can cause the viewer feelings of confusion, and therefore – distrust.

We are not only aware of the ins and outs of modern medical marketing, we can offer you a successful marketing strategy for your medical devices promotion as well, not to mention bringing to life one of your strategies that is already developed. To have more specific details, feel free to contact us. We can be of great help in bringing our marketing ideas and expertise in the medical market to your medical practice.

Social media marketing & 3D

If you work in pharmaceutics, science or medicine, one way or another you will have already encountered a virtual reality as a part of medical marketing. We want to draw your attention to our developments in the realm of mixed reality.

Do not confuse these two concepts, although it probably can’t be helped: for a long time mixed reality developed as a part of virtual reality, until it obtained an alternative and competition in the market of technical opportunities.

What is the uniqueness of mixed reality in general and HoloLens technologies in particular, when it comes to medical marketing?

Imagine yourself inside a cell of the human body. How will the body respond to such an invasion? With the assistance of medical animators, developers of mixed reality will be able to give the user not only a sense of presence, but also an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the interactivity of this technology, you can count on not only spectacular entertainment, but also interaction with the visual series, such as an antibody produced by plasma cells in response to intrusion from outside.

Today Hololens is the most impressive opportunity to demonstrate the mechanism of the action of a drug. At the same time, you can use interactive application Interactive application to expand your audience or Fulldome projection as well as 3D stereo video to create the WOW factor for your presentation.

If you still have doubts about the supernatural power of persuasion of 3D graphics as an instrument of medical marketing,we suggest that you begin with the usage of our 3D illustrations in your social media marketing to experience the impact. You can also contact our staff to clarify the benefits of our possible collaboration.