The school for 3D animators was introduced as a “corporate project” by Nanobot Medical Animation Studio to train professional animators in the field of medical animation.

Mastering the profession of a medical animator requires not only diligence and perseverance but also the inquisitiveness of the mind, as not everyone is interested in intracellular processes, without the understanding of medicine. This is an intensive course ideally suited to intellectuals who are associated with medicine and science or who are curious.

In the classroom of Nanobot School of Medical Animation, students learn how to create 3D models in software like Cinema 4D and Maya at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. They work together with a scientific advisor to achieve maximum knowledge and understanding of processes and events.

As technology has enabled work environments that are much more flexible and customizable. Nanobot Medical Animation Studio is ready to work with professionals remotely. We provide an online course for all learners worldwide.