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Nanobot Medical Animation Studio

Medical Animation Studio
medical animation studio

Medical animation

Every launch of a new medication is supported by a high quality 3D medical animation. It is obvious that a creative MoA video is the simplest way to explain complex reactions in the human body where the drug involved.

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3D Medical Illustration

This is an eye-catching, beautiful piece of art that helps communicate with your target audience in an impactful, memorable and appealing way.

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medical augmented reality

Medical Augmented Reality

Responsive overlays that augment real surroundings in real time. The device uses sensor recognition technology to put virtual models in the real environment.

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Medical Virtual Reality

VR headsets create a unique chance for you to dive into the virtual space and interact with it. Modern technologies such as HTC Vive provides a 360° motion tracking of body location in that environment for a realistic experience.

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medical virtual reality
hololens medical mixed reality

HoloLens Medical Mixed Reality

HoloLens is a Microsoft’s leading mixed reality device. It blends the virtual objects in the real environment with high accuracy.

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Fulldome medical projection

Fulldome visualization is a technology based on projecting an image onto a spherical screen with a 360-degree view. Modern fulldome shows come from planetariums using a mechanical projector to demonstrate the motion of celestial bodies in the night sky.

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fulldome medical projection

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What our clients said

Very detailed, bright and good looking, innovative and non-conventional approach to presenting anatomical and histological structures that are beneficial for understanding the processes on a cellular and molecular levels.


Our cooperation has led to the emergence of an amazing digital product. It’s not just a brand project that has positioned our company as high tech. It’s also a unique opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with the community of physicians. Nanobot Medical has helped us to enhance our competitive advantage on the pharmaceutical market.


Visionary artistic renderings that portray various aspects of this exciting nano future will be beneficial in facilitating a clear understanding of its fundamental concepts to a broad demographic.

CRIX labs

We enjoyed our cooperation with Nanobot Medical Animation Studio on every stage of the work process from the kick-off meeting to the final product delivery. I would say that a superb communication between us is what resulted in a mutual understanding and an excellent VR animation that impressed all our audience at the conference. Great result and a very professional team to work with.


Our team

Andrii Koniukh 

CEO and Co-Founder

Yurii Svidinenko

Founder and Production Director

Andrii Hodos

Digital Marketing Specialist

Katerina Goncharenko

Project Manager

Alexey Galbur

Marketing Director

Margarita Ignatenko

Human Resources

Nikolay Notsek

Medical Advisor

Ron Bhattacharya

Medical Expert | Strategy Analyst

Yurii Grebelskiy

Senior 3D Generalist

Liana Sheludko

Junior 3D Generalist

Alyona Klymenko

Communications Specialist

Olha Vizhevska

Strategy Consultant | Digital Strategy

About our medical animation studio

Nanobot Medical Animation Studio develops highly innovative digital graphics to depict actual and conceptual technologies by a synergistic fusion of art and science since 2007.

Nanobot provides visually engaging digital solutions like scientific VR/AR/MR, 3D medical animations, illustrations for innovative marketing and training education strategies to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We are devoted entirely to medical and scientific imaging. Our creative production team and experienced medical experts help us produce visually and scientifically accurate media material to make any project a huge success.

What is a Medical Animation Animation Studio

You’ve heard about medical animation studio, companies that specialize in creating 3D medical animations for pharmaceutical and life science industries. They are finding it extremely useful while communicating with a varied audience ranging from patients to physicians. 3D animation has become an effective medium to simplify the complex medical and scientific information.

It has been proved that one-minute animated content communicates as much information as delivered through an hour of a lecture or 100 pages of written text. Indeed, a medical animation saves a lot of time and resources for these industries.

The process of crafting a medical animation does not require a huge investment or involvement of the client. Just a single line brief is sufficient for some medical animation studios that have been working in this field. Such studios owing to their insightful knowledge about medical and clinical topics, provide an all-inclusive service ranging from idea generation to script writing and voice-over.

The process of medical animation varies from studio to studio, but generally, medical animation studios prefer to begin the script work only after understanding the client’s requirements and detailed research on the given medical topic. Once the storyboard is ready, it is then supplemented with visuals and illustrations to make a visual storyboard. Which afterward is transformed into an animatic. Only after being approved by the client, a medical animation studio starts assembling the final animation.

Nanobot Medical Animation Studio provides all medical animation services and even more, including VR/AR media and apps, Fulldome and 360 videos. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.